Shane Bezzant, M.D.

I love being a physician. As a radiologist, my role in patient care is an indirect one. But, I enjoy knowing that what I do is an important part of helping others get and stay healthy and happy.

Some of the reasons I love the gospel of Jesus Christ are similar. This gospel changes lives in countless ways, and every one of them is positive. This conviction starts on a personal level. I know who I was before I took it seriously. I know the way it felt when I started to more fully commit to it.. I know that in struggling to keep those commitments and balance life, I’ve had my prayers answered and repeatedly felt the assistance of power beyond my own. These experiences, some dramatic, some very quiet and simple, build up over a lifetime of studying and working to follow Jesus Christ. The progress is slow sometimes, but it comes. This is no small thing to me – a life is not such an easy thing to change.

Then there are those I’ve personally interacted with. Many times, I’ve watched the gospel empower people overwhelmed by life’s challenges to overcome addictions, and save marriages. I have seen it bring peace, joy, and purpose to once bitter, unfulfilled lives. I have seen it, and I know that the magnitude and endurance of those changes reflect the very real power of the gospel that supports them.

On a still larger scale, I am proud to be part of a church that shows what happens when you add up countless personal experiences and millions of these changed lives. Every member gets to contribute meaningfully. Together, every effort, minute, and penny this church has goes toward improving the lives of all God’s children. You’ve probably seen our missionaries out teaching anyone who will hear this message. It’s more though – it’s meeting needs for clean water, food, education, medical care, and more all over the world. It’s wonderful, and there is nothing like it on earth.

So, I can say I know the gospel is worth it. Worth studying. Worth living. Worth sharing!