Halvard J Davidson, M.D

Submitted by his daughter, Carol Harding (via Facebook)….

“I loved listening to my father testify from the pulpit of his testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as a High Counselor (Halvard J Davidson, M.D., U.of U. School of Medicine, now deceased).  He was a very prayerful man, and he said he never went into surgery without first praying for help and guidance. He believed that many a patient’s life was spared with divine help.  I know that my first daughter’s birth and life were spared, and my 18 hr. labor with my 2nd daughter and her birth went well — we were saved despite many problems that developed because of partial placenta previa, and at the end was able to deliver her naturally because he and my husband gave me a blessing and he sought divine help in knowing how to deliver me. It is my testimony that if you and other doctors are prayful too, you will be able to do for others what my father was able to do through prayer and help from the divine guidance from our Heavenly Father, to guide your minds and your hearts and your hands.  Through your prayers, may he guide and bless you all, to help all of us in need of you and your skills and knowledge.”